Jack B. Weaver

If there is one thing Jack Weaver truly enjoys, it’s helping people – be it through his community work or his business acumen. For instance, working out of his living room Jack started a sports program for girls that enabled many of his protégés to attend college because of sports scholarships. Today he is using his vast expertise in helping a new local business take off.

That “can do” spirit is in his genes. His parents farmed and owned a general store in Rural Retreat, where his family has lived since 1774. From an early age through high school Jack learned the value of hard work in that store.

Having skipped two grades, Jack was just 16 when he graduated high school. From there it was on to the University of Richmond where he studied finance and economics. He was so focused on a business career that at the age of 20 he could not turn down an offer to become the traveling auditor of a plumbing and heating supply company.

That was the beginning of a multi-faceted career, where he started successful businesses, turned others into profitable ones or merged still others into larger companies. One of his first accomplishments was the revival of a very large company deeply in debt. After he came on board, the firm became solvent and eventually voted one of the best run and operated business in its industry. He orchestrated a merger that became the foundation of one of the larger public owned companies in the country. 

His latest achievement was started in his garage - manufacturing collectible figurines and giftware. In 15 years Shenandoah Keepers grew to an international concern with over 300 employees. He had collectors, distributors and offices worldwide.

Jack is married to Rosedith Sult Weaver who retired a vice president of Wachovia. The Weavers have three daughters and three grandchildren ranging in age from six to 21. He is a Methodist and a 32nd Degree Mason.

Although shy about receiving awards, Jack is very honored and humbled by those who have recognized his work as contributing to the well-being of others. Such honors include Who's Who in Finance and Industry, Who's Who in the South, Who's Who in America, Outstanding Kiwanis Club president, along with honors and awards for his work with state and national historical museums.

Jack is semi-retired from business and agriculture with the emphasis on “semi.” He continues to offer his time and talents as a financial consultant to emerging or troubled businesses. “My very strong suit, which I enjoy, is helping people start a new business or helping turn around troubled businesses,” Jack is fond of saying. He prides himself in being a quick learner, swiftly deciphering the problem and devising a solution. As a strong organizer, Jack thoroughly enjoys bringing people together to get a job accomplished and keeping them focused.

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